minor ailments 29.05.19

• facial twitch above right eye which has been going on for a few hours

• sore toe on left foot where I have trimmed the nail back too far


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Sty in the right eye.

  • Slight tension headache bottom left of the back of my head

  • Flare up of chronic spinal condition

  • Bit sciaticey and achey

Take it to the major ailments 29.05.19 thread m8.

  • stiff legs and sore knees
  • sunburn on face, arms and back of neck

all running related

Bit jet lagged.

Cracking UTI. It’s been a dream, especially the part where it made my urine the colour of Ribena.

Just finished a second set of antibiotics, hoping it will stay gone this time.


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Have you considered eating less beetroot?

Scuff on the back of my right forefinger caused by cheese grater.

Brain’s a bit fucked. Other than that, can’t complain.

left achilles giving me a bit of jip

I’m so sorry

Elbow bursitis
Knee bursitis
Shin cuts
Ear pinna trauma and swelling (might need to drain it)

All self inflicted :metal:

This is not minor enough, sorry.

Weird allergy (?) that is affecting my left eye only that comes and goes and makes it look and feel like I have an infection. Think I’ve narrowed it down to feathers but either there’s feather antigen everywhere or there’s also something else involved. It’s pretty annoying as it makes me look properly ill.

Going to add to mine

• a regular over indulgence of hot sauce leading to unpleasant soreness at toilet time

Really? Fine then hobbles away

This isn’t helping your case for it being minor tbqh.

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dicky tummy