Minor Ailments / Self-torture


I had a cold over christmas and I seem to have cut the inside of my nose somehow.
Problem is it hurts a lot but I can’t help picking at the cut deep inside my nose.


Now this just looks like I wanted to tell everyone about my scabby nose :frowning:


Aww get well soon nose pain is really irritating

Best tissues for a cold btw are kleenex in the brown and gold box, £1 instead of £2 at waitrose atm! So soft and gentle on the nose and they take the most explosive sneezes. Bought like 8 packets, take one everywhere with me

Honestly my best find of 2016


Bloody hell mate, you not going to talk about your hypothermic thumb in this thread?!


My body is fairly creaky these days, should probably try and get an appointment with a physio. I have a bad knee now for chissake


Touchscreen gloves from tiger!


It’s cold at work


They’re grrrrrrrreat

(I’m so very, very sorry).


If I do even 10 mins of stretches or have a bath before bed my back is much less worse in the morning but I probably only manage it once or twice a week.


Any time you get a mouth ulcer, right? Just can’t keep prodding it with yer tongue.


oh go on


Ouch! That sounds painful and pretty shit!