Minor change to the board

Based on a suggestion from the new releases thread I was just wondering how people felt about changing the rules regarding duplicate thread titles to avoid mixing up threads. I doubt this would affect many threads going forward, but I thought I’d check what the general consensus was.

Vote below and I’ll look to make the changes later today.

  • Yes go ahead
  • No I like it the way it is
  • Don’t really care pal

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What are we voting on?

banning duplicate thread titles.

Oh. Why has this come up? Can mainly see it leading to unnecessary dates or whatever in all the daily threads



It’s not really something that happens a lot, though? Think people have adjusted to the new boards and the search functions, eg rolling threads for particular bands or topics.

But as said it means daily threads will now either have to have dates in or get increasingly elaborate.

The daily threads were actually the reason I thought it might be useful to get a wider consensus on what people thought. Personally I think it might actually be useful for people to be able to easily differentiate between them but I can see why others might prefer just posting ‘Friday Thread’ or other bants titles.

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We can just switch to using stardates for the daily threads.

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Sorry, forgot to log in as Theo.


it would only help double posting threads if they were exactly the same, which I doubt would catch that many. It might also prove confusing if a thread from 3 years ago happens to have the same name. I mean, by confusion, I’m saying maybe for a few seconds someone might sigh, or go, oh, um, in that case…

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Pretty major change to the board if youask me! :scream:

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prefer having multiple threads called Friday Thread or whatever without having to add the date or that so it’s unique

can’t say i really care either way though tbf

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if you’re about to post a thread with a similar title to an existing thread it already warns you and shows you threads that match up anyway

don’t really see the problem


The rule change will be accompanied by a Theo approved standardised naming convention for all threads. And permanent bans for non-compliance.


Can’t wait to only have 5 friends.



New releases May 3rd
3rd May 2019 new releases
New releases 3/5/19

Are all different titles - ultimately if people either aren’t going to scan the top threads to see if one is already there, or if they just plain miss it, a block on identical thread titles won’t stop the duplication.


Thread titles to be replaced by hash codes

Thread titles must be contained in this list?


QR codes, you have to display the home page on a desktop, but use your phone to actually go into the thread

all thread titles in binary

no repeats