Minor change

I noticed that the topics displayed on the main community page were top topics rather than latest. I did wonder why there was a discrepancy and thought it was a lag. You can select what appears on this page yourself but changed it for logged out and new users as the latest topics are usually the busy ones to join in rather than something from a week ago.

When looking for this setting, have also cut down the number of suggested topics at the foot of the page so save that being such a wall of text.

Is there a way for it to show your unread tracked threads first?

So previously that 1 unread would be the first topic and then the suggested ones would follow, now I’ve got to go to another page to see it

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It now doesn’t show your tracked threads just a couple of the most recent ones (or none at all). I was hoping it was some bug that would sort itself out.

It means you have to go back each time to the main board to find a new thread and to see what has new posts. Previously, I would just use the suggested topics to switch to tracked threads with new posts. It is much harder to follow now, plus there is much less choice to choose as it only seems to show 2 other threads max, so it isn’t really of much use.

Is this something that individual users can change back?


Never noticed that before TBH

I’d swear the suggested stuff was always poor for me, usually topics that hasn’t had new posts for a while but had missed checking.

That said, I didn’t mind the list at all. 3 seems barely worth it

For me it had any threads that I was tracking that had new posts first, then a few others at the bottom. Those others often were relatively random though. Now it just seems to have a few with recent activity but only on the board that the thread I am reading is on (i.e. I have three Site Feedback ones at the bottom now).

I would much prefer that it was a longer list again (I assume it was around 10 before), but most importantly showing those tracked topics that have new posts. Without it, it makes navigating the site considerably worse (at least for how I have been doing it for the last few years, both by desktop browser and mobile).


I think I’ve never really thought much about tracked threads. Probably I reply to so many threads there are loads.

I have the ones I care about Watched so I have notifications on those.

Anyway, I agree this change isn’t useful.

I have largely been basically a lurker for most of my time on the boards (which I think now is something like 15 years). I do have sporadic times when I do post a little more though (like currently). Maybe that does mean that as I post rarely and generally only in a few topics normally that the change does impact me more than most of the regular users who post much more than me, so interact more based on replies.

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Can I just check, has this changed since this morning? Or since the switch over? Or not something that has worked for a while

Just since this morning, I assumed it might be due to the changeover, but saw this thread and figured it might have been an unintended consequence of shortening the list of suggested threads

Actually, just noticed that it does it, but only for the sub forum I’m in.

So it shows nothing here for me as I’ve got no other tracked threads in site feedback. But in social it’ll show the social ones but not this.

It previously showed all of the regardless of sub forum.

Hope that makes sense

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Has this fixed it?

New settings.

I’ll triple check if there’s any setting about tracking


Yes it has!




I think it was the choice to just do things for that category which made the difference so I’m now seeing Just Stop Oil thread on music forums, which is fine but doesn’t feel quite as relevant to me for joining in more chats.

I’ve made it 30 days which might be too long so may drop that if it helps promote more active conversations across the community

Ah yeah, I see the intention behind it

It basically now just shows mega threads rather than stuff that might be a bit more timely.

I’m not seeing threads in time order under Latest.


That’s weird, mine is definitely in the right order.

Not sure if I’ve done something but it’s freaking me out.

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same for me, on an Android mobile if that helps using Chrome

only seems to affect Latest though - if I go into a category e.g. Social then that’s fine

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how do i get it to stay looking like this

instead of this