Minor confession thread

I’m about to eat my ninth Celebration of the morning.


Which ones have you enjoyed?

The Snickers ones most, but the humble Galaxy one really hit the spot when I fancied a chocolatey hit.

i’m drinking nescafe azera :sob:


I’ve had 4 and a cookie

I had cereal before I left so I wouldn’t get a pastry in the cafe but I got a mini pastry anyway


I haven’t done any work so far today.

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Just when I thought I said all I could say my chick on the side tells me she’s got one on the way

I did a fair bit this morning and feel like I earned an easy rest of the day

i dropped the screw in the tuna

Never heard it called that before?

When @anon76851889 ordered a Fanta at Halifax Airport, Nova Scotia in July 1994, I had clocked that it was root beer and not orange before he ordered and decided to stay silent for my own amusement.


the other day I was shopping in Sainsbos, and I needed 2 red onions for my chorizo and butter bean stew

they were all out of loose red onions - choice was either a big bag of em, or a netting thing with 3 in. Both of which were more expensive per onion cost than the loose ones.

I cracked open one of the netting things and pulled 2 out for my trolley didn’t I.


I’ve never seen The Goonies

Is it true?

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i had a burrito for lunch yesterday and when i got home the wife had made burritos for tea and i didn’t say anything. i literally ate three burritos in one day.


Didn’t tell the people queuing in the toilets that they were all free and the doors were just really heavy. For all I know they’re still waiting.

You utter bastard! :rage:

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:pray: Sorry

It’s okay. I gave up worrying about this in 2014.

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