Minor Conspiracy Theories You've Decided Upon (Rolling)

Minor conspiracy theories you’ve decided upon

Mirrors in gyms are slightly convex or concave or something to make oneself seem slightly more attractive.

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Jeff “Skunk” Baxter has never seen a skunk in his life.


Sound guys will only ever let the support band go to like 80% volume on the PA and the whack it up to full for the main band. It’s never spoken about, they all just know to do it. :handshake:


Clothing companies don’t have a universal S, M, L, etc size so that lazy/awkward people don’t return I’ll fitting clothes to raise sales.


All of a specific foodstuff is made in the same factory at the same time, and then dished out to different brands in order of quality. For example, at the ketchup factory, Heinz and that get first pick, then what’s left goes to the supermarket own brands etc.


Think (in most cases, @rich-t will probs be able to confirm) all of the supermarkets’ own brands are made at the same factory and just put into different packaging. So you’re well on the way to right


Streets populated with similar takeaways (and this lays primarily with chicken shops) have a secret underground kitchen that pipes the same product to each outlet.


I was gonna say fronts for money laundering but this is better


I seem to recall there’s a whole bit of that book Powder where the band are supporting and they all get really pissed off because of the very obvious volume locking to stop them upstaging the main band.

I’ve never noticed this ‘in the wild’ TBH but seems like a very simple and easy trick to make your headline seem better.

The correct way to do an interrobang is !? but some grammar joker in the past convinced everyone to put the question mark first


own brand Weetabix is made at the same factory but it does have lower quality wheat.

i always thought there was a binding agent but there isn’t, it’s just smooshed together dead violently

weetabix facts


Craft breweries are in awe of how the major conglomerates are able put out a consistent product on a mass scale day to day and taste stays the same.


It’s pretty clear those are the same I think. However, Heinz and HP baked beans are definitely different, both in how cooked the beans are already in the can and the flavours of the sauces (I was once told that in each case it’s because they add in some of their standard Tomato/Brown sauces).

This is definitely true, see also: not letting supports sell their merch for less than the headliners

And we all know which beans are superior (HP)


There’s a strip of shops across the road from me that I never see anyone go in (two shit-looking takeaways, a taxi office and a corner shop) and the buildings are kind of dilapidated even though it’s prime city centre real estate and they could be made into flats so I’m convinced the shops are all a front for organised crime somehow

There was a chippy there that looked decent but again no one ever went in or out, but it recently became a fancy donut shop that I’ve bought a bubble waffle from so my conspiracy theory is now crumbling


Just like the biscoff crumble on their donuts


I don’t think I’ve ever had HP.

Aussie Heinz beans have a different recipe down here so you can also buy cans with a Union Flag on that are ‘British recipe’ flavour. I haven’t noticed the difference but my niece finds the UK one too sweet.

bonus: a single weetabix is called a ‘lozenge’ not a bix or a bisk or a biscuit or a weetabic or any of that shit

i have no conspiracies I just wanted to take part

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