Minor criticisms of products you otherwise enjoy

I just enjoyed a bowl of Cheerios (just like Smee doesn’t) and, whilst I’m not the world’s biggest Cheerios fan, I would say that it is a product I enjoy. What I do NOT enjoy about them however, is their buoyancy. It can become very difficult to chase the final O’s around the leftover milk as they are too buoyant. If I were to redesign Cheerios, I would lessen their buoyancy.

Say some things like this now if you want to.


The seal on Yorkshire Provender beetroot soup is somewhat flimsier than I would like.


Can you paint a more vivid picture for me please? The community is your canvas, your words are your brush, your content could be art if you made a bit of an effort.


I don’t really want to talk about it, thanks.


My minor criticism of the video game Football Manager 2019 (out now on PC, Mac, Tablet AND Switch) is that it is almost too much fun, making other games look bad by comparison.


back in black by ac/dc has really fun and good music but the lyrics are moronic and rapey

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this is a v good observation ant. I have this issue with cheerios too.

i really enjoy snickers bars but they give me odd guts

I enjoy the television show ‘The Good Place’, but I don’t like the character of Jason very much.


Thank you for saying that. It is also the case with Weetos.

I only really know teenage dirtbag


Too much dust in those buffalo pretzel synders

I like my JVC television but it doesn’t allow me to continue watching the programme I am watching and check the TV schedules at the same time

Dear sir,

I disagree on the issue of Cheerios, and would like to offer my “hot take” on the matter in reply:

The problem isn’t with the buoyancy of the delicious wheaty 'o’s, but with the fact that you are probably using too much milk, causing the last few tasty glutenous toroid morsels to escape your spoon’s gluttonous clutches.

Yours respectfully,


I enjoy Cadbury’s milk chocolate, and particularly the way that a Flake integrates nature’s greatest invention into the recipe: Air.

However the structural fragility tends to result in much of the chocolate falling off with each bite. I would like every Flake to come with a scooped bib with a contraption that allows you to collect the parts which “flake” off and eat them separately at the end of the consumption process. Zero waste.

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Do you remember ‘Flake Dipped’?

ooooh, this is a strong counterpoint.

The amount of milk in a bowl of cereal is critical to its enjoyment. CRITICAL.

Cool your jets, hot shot

I very much agree with THIS too. Particularly vital with museli/granola.

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