Minor criticisms of products you otherwise enjoy

Thank you for saying that. It is also the case with Weetos.

I only really know teenage dirtbag


Too much dust in those buffalo pretzel synders

I like my JVC television but it doesn’t allow me to continue watching the programme I am watching and check the TV schedules at the same time

Dear sir,

I disagree on the issue of Cheerios, and would like to offer my “hot take” on the matter in reply:

The problem isn’t with the buoyancy of the delicious wheaty 'o’s, but with the fact that you are probably using too much milk, causing the last few tasty glutenous toroid morsels to escape your spoon’s gluttonous clutches.

Yours respectfully,


I enjoy Cadbury’s milk chocolate, and particularly the way that a Flake integrates nature’s greatest invention into the recipe: Air.

However the structural fragility tends to result in much of the chocolate falling off with each bite. I would like every Flake to come with a scooped bib with a contraption that allows you to collect the parts which “flake” off and eat them separately at the end of the consumption process. Zero waste.

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Do you remember ‘Flake Dipped’?

ooooh, this is a strong counterpoint.

The amount of milk in a bowl of cereal is critical to its enjoyment. CRITICAL.

Cool your jets, hot shot

I very much agree with THIS too. Particularly vital with museli/granola.

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I am not familiar with Flake Dipped, despite them being launched in 2003 when I would have been likely to have encountered them

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isn’t there a choco bar which is essentially two dipped flakes? Twirl?


oh here he is

I don’t care for how jonathan warburton packages his bread, just do it the same as everyone else you tryhard berk


Galaxy Ripple have this sorted with the addition chocolate ‘wrapping’ the flaky bit. But it’s not Cadburys…


It was basically a Twirl

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And while we’re on Cadburys; I do like the vast majority of their milk chocolate products but, fuck me, the bars are getting so small

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This is a problem with many musics and a big cause for my ever-growing love of all things instrumental. Yeah, Miles Davis was obviously a massive prick, but I don’t have to hear him sing about it. I can just listen to the lovely music.

The optimum amount of milk is yoghurt