Minor criticisms of products you otherwise enjoy

I am not familiar with Flake Dipped, despite them being launched in 2003 when I would have been likely to have encountered them

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isn’t there a choco bar which is essentially two dipped flakes? Twirl?


oh here he is

I don’t care for how jonathan warburton packages his bread, just do it the same as everyone else you tryhard berk


Galaxy Ripple have this sorted with the addition chocolate ‘wrapping’ the flaky bit. But it’s not Cadburys…


It was basically a Twirl

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And while we’re on Cadburys; I do like the vast majority of their milk chocolate products but, fuck me, the bars are getting so small

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This is a problem with many musics and a big cause for my ever-growing love of all things instrumental. Yeah, Miles Davis was obviously a massive prick, but I don’t have to hear him sing about it. I can just listen to the lovely music.

The optimum amount of milk is yoghurt



Yoghurt is better than milk on cereal, always and forever

Hmm. In my experience the Cadbury’s Flake already comes equipped with such a device. By careful folding of the “wrapper”, the experienced consumer can be assured of both a clean carpet and a last, delicious mouthful of fallen shards which can be extravagantly upended into the mouth in the same manner as the last crumbs from the corner of a bag of Salt ‘n’ Vinegar Squares.

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You can have your milk, more yoghurt for me! (Also, lovely reverse angle there)

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I saw @epimer do it with side-eye Chloe and am very pleased I got to deploy it myself.


Yoghurt is good with things like granola/muesli, obviously if you used it with corn flakes or something you should be ostracised.

Dear Tone,

I’m sorry, I think I probably got too hot in my take, there. In reality, I would say that my taking issue with your original post was, if anything, a minor criticism of a product [your posting] that I otherwise enjoy [your posting].

Kind regards,

PS another method would be to add more cheerios in the latter stage of your cereal consumption

PPS if you have any advice on what to do when I’ve left my Weetabix too long and it’s gone all the way through soggy to concrete mulch, I would be very grateful.

I’m afraid the only advice here is for the next time you have Weetabix to eat it quicker. It is the absolute pits when Weetabix goes too soggy.

I quite like it a bit mulchy, though, so my window of consumption of Weetabix is, relatively speaking, quite narrow. It’s a real head-scratcher.

Also, do you think that two Weetabix with some Cheerios on top improves the enjoyment of both?