Minor Disappointments or Banal or whatever. I don't know



From a random sample.


disappointed that this still says “Uploading…”

@1101010 sort it out mate.


fixed it myself thanks… for nothing.


Not really sure what the problem is here?







That would be an unexpected bonus if I got that pack, like how sometimes you used to get a solid chocolate Kit Kat


a bonus if you bought a bag of yoghurt coated stuff and there was like 6 actual yoghurt coated things in there?


They gave you a window to give full disclosure on the bag’s contents, what more could you want?


Yeah on accounts of how I don’t really like the yoghurt coated nature of the snack


A big shot like me doesn’t have time to look in the windows of everything he buys.


Fucking hell, mate. Have a word with yourself!


I can see a second yoghurt coated thing there


They’re fine in the same way that the wafer bit of a Kit Kat is fine but it’s an exciting bonus when the wafer bit of a Kit Kat isn’t there so I’d imagine I’d feel the same way about this.


good spot. it’s in my tummy now.


More in the bag too. Think you’re being too harsh to @asda



Give your butler feedback on their choice then.

Or did you go to the shop and have your butler do your posting for the day?

Don’t tell me you have multiple butlers?

A sneer of butlers


Yogurt coated, and non yogurt coated fruit and nut mix


Do you just pour them on your desk and eat them from there?


But surely you could have seen how many were yoghurt coated by looking through the totally clear wrapper before deciding whether to purchase the item?