Minor gripes in things you otherwise love


Please use this thread to list minor things you dislike in things you otherwise love, the posting of a minor gripe DOES NOT mean that the thing you love doesn’t have bigger problems but this thread is for the minor things only.

  1. Don’t like it when the ball is on a plinth thing before a football match (unless it’s Mike Dean officiating)
  2. Don’t like it in the wrasslin’ when you can win a cage match by going out the door
  3. Don’t like the vast majority of skits on hip-hop albums
  4. Don’t like spring onion in a hoisin duck wrap
  5. Don’t like pugs


People Just Do Nothing - Grindah is a bit too Brentish for my liking in tiny bits


don’t like chickpeas in the Boots moroccan chicken cous cous


the spring onion is great, do you just not like spring onion?


Bang on.


Yeah, it’s dreadful stuff mate.


fair do’s pal


Spring onions are great

if I get a chow mein, I don’t like WATER CHESTNUTS


Don’t like the bit where Vicky Cozza-Mitch makes people sing in Only Connect


Don’t like anyone’s posts but mine.


the laughter track in seinfeld


Still not 100 percent convinced on the way direct replies work.


*I’m Alan Partridge


The ‘bleached asshole’ line, the ‘Ghetto Oprah’ bit and Facts.


totally this - at times it’s as if he is doing an impression of Brent.


My local Waitrose being closed for refurbishment.


The guy who plays Theon in Game of Thrones. Terrible terrible actor


cardamom pods in a curry


Necessary evil, man


The way the contestants pull faces during the technical bake judging, thus rendering it not anonymous