Minor petty arguments (rolling and polling)

Please note - this is not a thread about couples or relationships, please whack any petty argument you’re currently embroiled in.

I keep coming back to my flat to find that my wife hasn’t closed the bedroom window and thus it has been open all day. Now because I opened the window in the first place cos it’s getting hotter at night wife-o seems to think I should be the one to close it. My side of the argument is that she’s the last one out of the flat so it’s her responsibility to check all windows are closed, lights are off, perform a final security swoop. With that in mind:

  • You opened the window m9, it’s on you to shut it
  • Your wife should’ve done a final security check before leaving the flat and closed the window

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Tricky one really, it’s a bit of both innit


Just checked the poll and I’m glad you agree with me Tone.

start closing the window. she’ll get hot and angry at you for closing the window…
she wins…?

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What floor do you live on?

2nd floor Geoffrey so no chance of any break ins… yet.

Crucial question: what is the time difference between when you leave and when she does?

Maybe an hour after I leave.

Definitely her responsibility then. You’re leaving it open because otherwise the house would become stuffy; therefore it’s her responsibility to close it.

I left the window open last night, bang to rights, entirely my fault. No arguments when I was told off for it this morning. However, upon noticing the window was still open and telling me off for leaving it open, she didn’t close it? Weird?

  • Weird
  • Not Weird

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In which case - don’t worry about it. In addition I’ll default to my base assumption that because we’re all still on this messageboard daily that no DiSer has any possessions remotely worth stealing.

Linking her to this thread as we speak.

You opened the window m9, it’s on you to shut it.

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I respectfully disagree!!



Jeremy, would you like to hear about my invention which could solve this, and various other problems?

Yes I would Kent.

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(someone else needs to actually make it but) auto-closing windows on a timer. Want a gentle breeze when you go to sleep but don’t want to wake up freezing? set your windows to close during the night. Sick of arriving home to a stuffy house? set your windows to open half an hour before you get in. etc.

Ahm oot.

Can’t fathom why you wouldn’t just keep all windows open all day in this weather so long as you’re not on the ground floor?
Obviously in that case it is the last person to leave the house’s duty to ensure security, because it’d be weird if you just shut the windows on someone and left.