Minor petty arguments (rolling and polling)

you’re waving goodbye to the investment opportunity of a lifetime

Yes I’ll leave the front door open as well for that delicious through-draft :rolling_eyes:


No qualms with that pal

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Leaving the toilet seat up.

  • No different to, for example, leaving a shared car in your driving position so the other person has to adjust it when they get in. Just completely not a thing anyone should be bothered by
  • somehow bad

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Depends on the situation really. A new gal’s just moved into our flat and I’m being extra careful to do this because it just seems kind to?

I leave our top window open (on the grounds that it’s on the second floor and so you’d need a bloody big ladder to get up there)

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Probably different if you’re in a relationship but we’re OBVIOUSLY not in one of those threads, so.

My sister in law was planning on selling some jewellery on Facebook and she gave me first refusal. She offered me a silver necklace and a gold necklace.
The silver she asked £100 for, the gold one she wanted £200 for. I really liked the silver one so I bought it for £100. When I got it home I realised that I really wanted the gold one. She was really sweet about it and agreed I could change my mind.
As I’d already given her £100 cash I gave her the necklace back which was worth £100 she agreed to let me have the gold necklace. So she’s had £100 cash off me and the silver necklace back worth £100 so obviously that makes £200 and we are quits.
She’s now texted me and said, sorry she made a mistake she wants another £100 for the gold necklace!! I have no idea how she came to that idea.
I’m feeling really awkward about this. AIBU to stand my ground and tell her no way! I don’t want to cause ill feeling in the family but I don’t want to be fleeced out of £100 I can I’ll afford.


Give it back and get yer hunnid back as well innit, not worth the hassle when it’s fam

You’re being hustled, @bird style

money and family/friends is a dangerous mix

Whoever opened the window is responsible for closing the window.

Same would be said if he opened the window and I wanted the window to be shut, he would be responsible for shutting the window cause he opened it.

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so true, hun :disappointed:

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No I will not put your clothes in the wash, you made them dirty!

noticed after I’d tucked my sweet self into bed last night that the bedroom window was still open and the cat was heading right out of that very window. putting on my most oblivious act possible I announced that i hadn’t noticed it had ever been opened and now that the cat was outside there was little we could do about it. Having listened to many too many My Favourite Murder podcasts, 'er still getting ready to go to bed sighed resignedly and did her very best to tell the cat that the cat needed to come back inside as we needed to shut the window to keep out the murderers. The cat, who by this point in her life behaves very much as you’d expect a cat to behave, ignored her and was promptly shut out. I was woken at around 3:32am by the rustling of 'er letting the cat back in, letting the cat back in. I should note that no squabbling took place, but that i could have definitely prevented the cat from leaving in the first place, were I slightly less apathetic, or slept on the side of the bed nearest the window.

  • That’ll learn her not to leave windows open.
  • Stop being so lazy, you’re a grown adult with a responsibility of care towards the cat, what if she’d been murdered by all the murderers out there.
  • Not even on argumentbook, meight.

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I’m not sure but isn’t opening the window for the benefit of all? More cooperation needed here.

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Nah i’m cold now shut the window you knob you opened it

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git rid of the cat

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