Minor reasons you refuse to listen to a band/artist

i’ve always refused to give The Horrors’ good album a fair hearing because i hated their music and try hard personas so much when they released their debut. from the little i’ve heard after that it sounds like they went a bit crap again fairly soon so probably not missing much.

The Kinks, The Fiery Furnaces and The Beach Boys are good.

Can’t say the same about Oasis and Brother Beyond.

Oh, and despite that bloke phoning up Going Live and swearing at them I didn’t mind Five Star too much.

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*4 good albums.

People really can’t let go of the fact a bunch of well spoken artschool kids made a silly debut punk album, can they? How did Radiohead do it…


Tbf they came across as proper edgelord idiots at the time. It’s like Towers of London becoming critically acclaimed


tbf i heard a later track of theirs that sounded like The Stones Roses so i wasn’t particularly interested in checking out the later albums either

It isn’t as serious as that

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Probably not minor but if I really like a band and see them live and they’re rubbish I struggle to listen to them again.


I grouped all the early 00’s ‘The’ bands together and assumed i didnt like any of them them solely based on their name, and cos i didnt like the Libertines. Took me about 3 years to admit they werent ALL bad

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The Jesus and Mary Chain!
The Breeders!
The National!
Others I’ve forgotten!

You’re missing out.




Oh yeah! Is there a thread in “bands with siblings in?”
No. No there isn’t.

If a band has less than 100 monthly listeners on Spotify I am unlikely to listen

There are a Hundred reasons why I don’t listen to bands from Aldershot


I used to have a problem listening to albums by bands where they’d replaced the guitarist. In my mind, the guitarist was integral to the writing of the songs, and so if he left, I thought this would mean the band had changed identity too much so I wouldn’t enjoy it. This meant for the longest time that I wouldn’t listen to:

  • Faith No More’s A Song To Ruin
  • Rolo Tomassi’s Astraea and Time Will Die…
  • Million Dead’s Harmony No Harmony

But nowadays that doesn’t bother me so much.

I also didn’t use to listen to albums if they didn’t have any song titles that were only one word (Rival School’s United By Fate) springs to mind.

I was a weird kid.

Faith No More’s A Song To Ruin

They don’t have an album called that. Do you mean King For a Day?

Oh bugger :slight_smile:

Yes, King for A Day. Of course.

just had Million Dead on the brain


After that Blood Brothers thread, I must have become too immersed in the time period.

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I would be completely on board with a 2004-2010 ‘bands you would read about in Rock Sound’ thread