Minor reasons you refuse to listen to a band/artist

any mention of there always being a dance element to their music is another gigantic red flag

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Nah maybe more hesitant rather than rule it out.

On the other hand “they’ve got the synths out to reinvent their sound”


this is often a bad sign, but it worked really well for The Twilight Sad…


No, they are all great albums. Beforehand, I thought that because the key member had been replaced, how could it be the same band? Especially in heavy music where I imagined the guitarists wrote most of the riffs and then the rest of the band just played along. Which was obviously false.

What sort of swayed it was that I saw a video of Mike Patton teaching Jim Martin how to play Malpractice on guitar. Then I read how James Spence of Rolo Tomassi actually wrote a lot of their guitar parts. This made me realise that the composition was actually a lot different and more in heavy bands to what I’d thought.

Really getting back into RT at the moment. Time Will Die…might be my gave of theirs…


That’s the one time it worked okaaayyy but even then I was put off by the mere thought of it tbh.
Came round to it though. Albums before and after are better imo.

tbf I’d say they’ve kept the synths out ever since really

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Aye they have but they’ve done it better since and it was a bit of an adjustment.

Great band and great purchase.

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Regarding Faith No More – although Jim wasn’t necessarily involved in songwriting that much, his guitar sound was very much a part of those earlier albums. It’s such a weird tone when you think about it. Can’t think of anyone else who’s ever sounded like that. I can kind of see where you were coming from though – King For A Day is a great album and also the others that followed it, but they didn’t sound the same again.


Wouldn’t the Spoonerism be Noanna Jewsom?

I like Joanna Gruesome as a name though. Feels knowingly silly.


If your band name is a sentence I probably won’t listen to you

Whereas, on the other hand, if your band name is a sentence, I Would Set Myself On Fire For You.


It they’ve changed their name for ‘The Somethings’ to ‘Something Something and The Somethings’ I’m deeply suspicious.

Used to refuse to listen to young kpop bands, a loose rule was that a group who didn’t have a couple of members born in the 80s or at worst, 1990/1991ish they were out (for reference i was born in 88). Felt like it was children’s music created for children and I didn’t want any part of it. It was stupid and I got over it and gave BTS a chance as a result and never looked back. Still didn’t bother with groups born in the 00s because old as they are now, I still am vaguely bewildered that adults born on the other side of the year 2000 exist. But I’ve gotten over that too, one of my favourite kpop groups have members born between 98-2000, and they’re all in their 20s but old me would have never given them a chance

It’s an amazing album.


Really want to form a band called this now


Recorded drums in the studio with Foals.

Wasn’t on the record, didn’t get paid, re-recorded simplified by their own guy

Fuck Foals.

what’s the context for this?

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I will no longer listen to Foals.

Sorry I think I’d misread the post, I somehow thought you wouldn’t listen to any band who had recorded drums in the studio with Foals and hadn’t gotten paid without realising it was an anecdote :laughing: