Minor thing making you angry right now. (I'm Angry specialty thread)

In the list of ingredients of the energy drink I’m currently drinking.

Vegetable Extracts (Apple, Carrot, Hibiscus)

Woman on the train giving us evils for procreating

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Our lift’s out of order. I live on the tenth floor.

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There’s a time and a place I suppose

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Was she taking up a 4-er all to herself? It’s good fun to sit next to someone like that and see how long they last before moving seats.

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Proper knobhead kid reading out the terms and conditions of his train ticket loudly in the row of seats next to me. Genuinely hope he gets pushed into a bush or something at school next week

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Early Suzanne Vega lyrics etc


got emailed about new online lecture about reflective models, is literally someone reading out the powerpoint I already have.

Stansted Airport making you agree to receive their marketing bollocks to get on the free wifi.

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why on earth would you give them a real email address??

I didnt but whoever has fuckstanstedairport@gmail.com is now getting lots of airport updates.
It’s still bollocks though.


The best thing with a burrito.

On a rail replacement to Colchester. Bus pulled into Ingatestone as the train was waiting at platform but people at the front of the coach were too slow and the train left, missed it by about 30 seconds. RAGING.

23 fucking minutes until the next train

The dickhead next door is doing his “shouting is an appropriate indoor speaking volume” thing. Bet it’s going to be like this for the next four days.