Minor things people do that make them instantly untrustworthy


  • Use glass chopping boards, obvs
  • Open packets of crisps from the bottom


sell things for a living

  • Open a packet of crisps by squeezing/popping, rather than pulling open
  • Buy a packet of crisps/nuts/scratchings at a pub and not open them up on the table


Good one. You’d have to be some sort of sociopathic monster to do this.

  • Leave loads of unread emails in their inbox
  • Eat food before paying in the supermarket


This. Why are you so important you can’t open your emails?

Putting the toilet roll on the wrong way.


This. I go to a pub quiz once a month where we always buy crisps and nuts and will open them up for everyone to share. Last month someone new joined us and bought a packet of crisps. Only sat there eating them all himself without even offering them round, didn’t he? :rage::frowning:


here we go




You’re not one of them are you?!


Y’see I don’t think of this as inherently deviant behaviour. If I want a bag of crisps, I want a bag of crisps. Not 1/4 of a bag of crisps.

So what I do instead is buy several bags of crisps. I have one, everyone else cracks open the rest. Everybody’s happy.


No issue with that Geoff, you can join the team.


The wrong way becomes the right way if you’ve got pets or kids, apparently. I don’t have either so my roll sits overhand


Declare themselves to be ‘a fan of Ed Sheeran’


I bet you pop them so the bottom opens and you eat them from there. You’re history’s greatest monster jay_and_the_monkeys


My tv does this and it weirds me out no end. I’m always convinced an Asda security guard is going to escort us off the premises into a taxi with our jackets pulled over our heads while paps take photos to send to my parents.


has anyone done this yet

i keep forgetting to try it


always imagine getting to the checkout and finding you’ve left your wallet at home


anyone who actually uses ‘life hacks’ should be on some sort of register


so much this, wait, what’s the wrong way for you?!