Minor things people do that make them instantly untrustworthy



Vote Tory


Be overgenerous with their ‘likes’.


Use an electric shaver


Say they really hate the simpsons


Saying they don’t like The Beatles


Me too

Posts that change your opinion of a DiSer

I don’t understand how this makes any difference?


Over is easier to pull off (Wahey!!!) but if you’ve got young kids/pets they can paw at it and fully unspool the roll, which they can’t do in the under orietation


Smile too much


never seen this done



I envy you Smee, I really do.


don’t like baked beans


Pay excessive attention to best before and use by dates. Just smell the food ffs


Didn’t see this post before I posted my picture. As you were.


I seeeee… thank you for the explanation. In that case I still like to mix it up they both sound equally as fun.


I went for overhand but really both are completely fine and it’s a really weird thing to get snobbish about.


oooh reckon there could be a decent thread in how flexible you are with best befores/use by dates on various foodstuffs


We don’t have a bog roll holder so… problem averted.


Sounds like a goer on a Tuesday morning