Minor things that are currently doing your nut in


The new version of word has a dialog box that says “All done. We made x replacements.” after doing a find and replace.

Fuck the fuck off with your “we”, Clippy & pals.


Not being able to check into my flight because the website isn’t working.

Apparently I’ve now got to get to the airport early to do it in person.


Shouldn’t have left it until the last minute


The website’s been down since before I could check in.


There’s a podcast I’m currently devouring on my commute. One of the hosts says “incantation” instead of “incarnation”. I thought it was a slip of the tongue the first time, but having listened to about 5 hours of content over the last 2 weeks, the word gets used surprisingly frequently and it’s clear the host just doesn’t know the difference between the two words. It’s reaching pacific/specific-levels of irritation.

What’s worse is that I know the guy IRL but bringing it up seems like a super-petty thing to do…


Got a minor gripe with some prick who keeps making bulk edits to his blow-by-blow Netrunner match reports. Trying to be polite and collaborative to hide my frustration.


Tell you what, working out you can amend formulas en-mass with this was a real high point of my year. I don’t mind the ‘We’. Team effort.

Share victory, share defeat.


And don’t get me started on his Netrunner fan-fiction… There’s only so often you can find and replace “Jak Sinclair’s deck” with “Jak Sinclair’s huge deck”…


“just a minute, we’re improving your skype experience”

no you’re not, you’re making me wait you fucking pricks


Quite a lot of research going into this.


Shouldn’t have flown with Aeroflot


this one geezer texts me too much.

‘let’s do a thing on the 10th’
‘ok mate, text me later to confirm’
‘it’s definitely on bro’
‘ok cool’

‘yo mate, just checking we’re still on for the 10th’
‘yes mate ffs’


He sends you 3 texts over a period of 2 weeks, and that is too much?



Cathay Pacific, innit?


dunno where you’re getting two weeks from, but he’s not a mate, he’s someone i rent stuff/space from. he just constantly needs to reconfirm things we’ve already confirmed.


He only reconfirmed once though. It is common practice to reconfirm a business meeting the day before, or early in the morning of the day you meet.


friend who takes weeks to respond to texts becuase he’s ‘busy’


listen, bro


Skype is the biggest pile of bollocks. There’s always something wrong with it! Gaah.


The Marketing woman can’t work Twitter. She’s retweeted a tweet I made yesterday. Such a shit bastard.