Minor work moral dilemma

We have a hot desk system but it’s blocked into teams. However, a flood took out 70 hot desks so there have been non-team members in our area.

Earlier someone was away from the desk diagonal to me and their phone kept being called. I have no idea what kind of crazy person was on the other end thinking if they kept ringing for over a minute they’d get an answer, but for whatever reason, the phone did not go to voice mail.

Therefore I went over and dropped the volume to zero.

Now the woman is back at her desk and I don’t know her.

Do I just leave it as is or do I tell her I turned her phone down? Not sure I can do the latter without seeming like a precious arsehole.

Put her phone in a bowl of rice.

  • Leave it
  • Tell her

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Leave it, plead ignorance.


Tell her Theo!

We’ve started sort-of hot desking and it is fucking bullshit for a library team who have so much stuff

Why on earth would you not tell her??

How is this a dilemma???

You people.


Because I’ll look like a fucking prick?

Why are you going to look like a prick? It’s not her fault someone was ringing her phone constantly when she wasn’t there is it??

Just say “I had to mute your phone because someone kept ringing it and wouldn’t hang up, sorry”. You’re going to look like more of a prick if she looks down at her phone and sees x missed calls and goes “oh - who turned my phone off?”.

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I’ve told her now.

She looked at me like I was insane. I hope you’re all happy.




You have to tell her.
She will think you’re a cheeky fucker but that’s the price you have to pay for being bold!

Probably wondering why you waited for a while to tell her.

The way the phones work: they keep settings outside of your profile for volume levels. Or maybe. No one understands them. They are fucking weird phones.

This ^

Good man. If you were that worried about looking like a prick you should’ve just soldiered on through the ringing.

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I was apparently working really hard so she will have just assumed I had a lot to do.

Obviously the person who just kept ringing and ringing was the real prick. Use an email or messenger or something else you absolute fuckhead.

Now that I do agree with.

Maybe it was an emergency?

Maybe they were in legal and didn’t want something to be put in writing for fear of discovery in future litigation.