Minor work moral dilemma

I do this! My bf’s boss answered it once because he thought it was an emergency, he asked if I wanted him to go and find him, I said oh god no. My bf said his boss now thinks I’m nuts

Not having it. They should have rung her mobile phone instead. Or messaged her. No one would answer someone else’s phone here due to the hotdesking, even in teams.

State of this thread

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I thought it was her mobile phone?

I do this, you say, but why? Did your boyfriend once work for Directory Services and so always lets his phone ring for a minute before bothering to answer it?

Why would I touch someone’s mobile?

It’s her desk phone FFS.

This was in no way a dilemma. God help us if there’s a war.

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seeing this thread I can see why people dont want to bring kids into this awful world, they may need to tell someone they turned their phone down

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Weird. We have the option to work from home here. They deliberately cut costs by having fewer desks than staff, suggesting we work 2 days at home at week.

So it wasn’t even a mobile it was just someone’s phone rining? And you went and turned the sound off. Good god man.

how is this even a thing

i thought it was her mobile phone you turned off

Oh Theo…

I would have said MOBILE phone in the opening if I’d meant that.

If I’d meant her mobile phone I’d have told her as soon as she came back, obviously.

Well you didn’t say DESK phone…

think how many calls she’s missed now cause her phone’s been on mute whilst you’ve been wetting yourself

poor woman

hope its nothing urgent

It’s really just the precursor to making people redundant and/or completely messing with the office.

Dunno mate.

How much have you missed since you lost the ability to read?


Don’t know, just being impatient really

Has it helped your impatience at all?