Minus the Bear: Rest in Peace

I never was a huge fan, but I do really enjoy their record “Planet of Ice.”

I’m sure there are some fans around here anyway.

I’m unsure if I’ll be going to the show in Minneapolis on 10/15, but I probably will have to think about it per it’s their final tour.


Farewell Tour:

tried so hard to like them but christ they were dull

Pachucha Sunrise is good tho

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Loved their first two records - Menos El Oso is lovely summery pop. Planet Of Ice onwards they’ve gotten super dull.

My first encounter with Big Jeff was a Minus The Bear show in Bristol about fifteen years ago.


Can’t remember how long it’s been since they released a good album and don’t want to look because it’ll make me feel old.

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The eps had some of their best tunes as well. They Make Beer Commercials Like This is back to back gems.

Perfect music for the blurry hours. Haven’t given a fuck about them for sooooo long though.


Probably the first time I’ve heard a band I like is splitting up and I’m not fussed/kind of relieved. As others have said, diminishing returns since Menos El Oso or Planet of Ice but it was nice to see them live when they came around.

there’s a couple of good tunes on Planet Of Ice but after that they got pretty awful - the lyrics started getting creepier and if i’m not mistaken so wah pedal even crept in at one point…

still, their early stuff is absolutely seminal, we wouldn’t have bands such as Foals without them!!! (i fucking hate foals, thanks for nothing MTB)

seriously though they were fucking amazing in the early days


I’m sure this band had some decent tracks in there somewhere. What should i try again?

This was a Botch afterward, right?

Reeeeddd wwwiiinneeeee
With every meal
And absinthe after dinneeerrr


I maintain that “and then we all bought yachts” is one of the best opening lines to an album there is


this is still an absolute banger




yeah they were

Liked Planet of Ice a lot at the time

Though listening back to it this morning on my daily commute it seemed a bit dull which was eh disappointing

Pachuca Sunrise though <3

I liked Planet of Ice a lot, though I never really liked his voice and thought the early albums were a bit flat somehow

bring on the Botch reunion

think Ice Monster and Throwin’ Shapes are up there with the best of their stuff but yeah… a lot of it is a let down

Genuinely thought they split up years ago.

I did enjoy them for a time though. I saw them at Sheffield Corporation once and the guitarist was as drunk as I’ve ever seen anyone onstage and he still nailed all the tappy guitar parts to a standard I can only dream of. So fair play to him for that.

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I remember Dr L’Ling being my favourite song on Planet of Ice. think it was the most proggy or something?

yeah it is well proggy & slow - was the first single I think

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