Minuscule challenges you’ve set yourself


Set yourself any little challenges recently?

I’ve started walking up the three flights of stairs to the office instead of taking the elevator every morning. This is going well.

I’ve started trying to do ‘latte art’ by frothing some milk and pouring it into my coffee like baristas do. This isn’t going so well.

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Trying to stop biting my nails and the skin around them and regularly failing.

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Stick your fingers up your anus one by one. Should work.

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You’re a real “solutions man”


I might do the Ice Bucket Challenge, remember that eh guys? The “Ice Bucket Challenge”

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I’m trying to go to bed by 10pm each night. Haven’t quite managed it but getting close.

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No. What was it?


You sat down and got someone to pour a bucket of icy water on your head and filmed it and popped it on social media. It was for a cause.


To not down a load of booze absolutely every night of the week.

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Sounds amazing. How much are you going to raise and for which charity?


Trying to have more naps and spend more time doing nothing to let my brain loosen up a bit.

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I think it was all for one thing and it was to “raise awareness”

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You think?


trying to eat at least one piece of fruit a day

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Do we also remember Neknominate? That was good.


I’m walking up to the eighth floor. I’m going to walk myself fitter.

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I did become aware that pouring a bucket of icy water over someone’s head wasn’t something I wanted to join in with.

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Pretty fucking good, right?

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I’m trying to do a short exercise set every day (I use the 7-minute workout app but at the moment I’m doing the 30-day challenge, which is more like 20 minutes).
Even though it’s laughable short, I still don’t manage to do it every day, but I do do it more often than not, so that’s not bad.


(1) average 10,000 steps a week - managing this

(2) do at least 10,000 steps every day - not managing this

All over the place last week