Mira Calix RIP

Very sad news


She was a friend of a friend. Her music was always challenging, and I had massive respect for her for that. A real loss


Horrible news.

Awful news.

I didn’t know her stuff until I heard a tune tucked away on the Forest Swords DJ-Kicks but I dived into her catalogue and realised how influential/ahead of her time she was, and was a trailblazer amongst female electronic producers. Such interesting work, both in music and her other art she did.

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Fuck.That has knocked me sideways.

This is horrendous news. I loved her music from the moment I was given a bundle of her CDs by a pal. She seemed like a really nice person from any of her interviews too. What a loss.

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Ah man, that’s really sad news. Was listening to Eyes Set Against the Sun just the other day. She was very talented, like properly great.


Skimskitta is the album of hers I know best and it’s a doozy. She seemed like a very good egg indeed. How awfully sad…

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Oh, what in the hell? This is really sad news. Too young!

Feel bad I never really dove into her music, maybe it felt too challenging to me, although I liked what I heard from her most recent and have intended to listen fully. Guess I’ll do that now, damn.

I’ve heard her name mentioned but never heard her. Anybody have recommendations of where to dive in?


Oh that’s horrid news :slightly_frowning_face:

Really sad news. A truly rare talent. Absolutely staggering to think of the sheer calibre of electronic music coming out of her and Sean’s house.

Terrible news. I only really know absent origin but it’s a good example of music that’s challenging/experimental/political but still very joyful.

Oh man. What a loss. Jesus, so sad.

Never heard of her. Listening to One on One now and it’s great stuff.


Shocking news. A nice, and very personal, write up from DJ Food Chantal Passamonte (1970-2022) | DJ Food

I started with skimskitta and think that is a fantastic and accessible album to start with.

I saw her live in a tiny room above a bar in Norwich called Kafe Da in 2003 with Chris Clark. It was a fantastic gig although i seem to remember because it had uneaven wooden floorboards they kept telling the crowd not to dance as it was making their laptops and equipment wobble around too much.

I had a brief conversation with her and told her how much i loved falling asleep to her music and she seemed really nice.

Really sad about this.


Always thought she had a very low-key, almost-mysterious public presence so it’s really struck me over the last day reading the anecdotes from musicians about how helpful and supportive she was

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Sad to say my introduction to Mira Calix has been through a song played on Gideon Coe’s 6music show tonight.

Incredibly visual piece that took me right into my own head for five minutes or so. It’s a shame that their death is what has led me to their music.