Mirrors Festival 2016


Who’s going tomorrow? I went last year to Mirrors. Same sort of thing as Visions really. Good organisation and luckily tomorrow all the venues are about 5 minutes from each other. Saves a walk along Mare Street that you do with Visions.

I’m looking forward to Babeheaven, Cherry Glazerr, Miya Folick and Martha. The big hitters are Fucked Up and Bat For Lashes. If possible I might pop in for the beginning of Fucked Up before heading for Bat For Lashes although Eddie Argos doing a spoken word thing sounds fun too. I can see Fucked Up at The Oslo being completely rammed. Probably too small a venue for them. Anyway, good line up. Sound be fun.


I have 2x for sale now if anyone wants as I’m covering it for dis


Anyone else go? I saw Martha who were great fun. Miya Folick; very good. Cherry Glazerr surprisingly was busy at Olso; a good set. I caught about the last half hour of Bat For Lashes too. She was good but the crowd weren’t. Inevitably loud due to a day of drinking.

The highlight was Eddie Argos at Paper Dress Vintage. There were about 25 of us at the room. Basically, him talking about how he formed a band. It wasn’t hilarious, nor deep and meaningful but it just worked for me.

Overall, a great evening out. A good line up and well organised.


Was pretty good fun, but the crowds were rubbish and chatty for pretty much the entire day. Saw Babeheaven, bit of Martha, Bill Ryder-Jones, Allah-Las and the last half of Bat for Lashes. I was at the Eddie Argos thing too. I’ve seen him do it before but it is very endearing and entertaining.

Unlike the recent Hackney Wonderland it wasn’t stupidly oversold and it was really easy to flit between Oslo, Paper Dress Vintage and St John’s Church. Never made it to the Moth Club or the other venue.


Just watched Martha and Fucked Up and I’m fine with this


Saw Martha, Cherry Glazerr and Fucked up.

all at Oslo, so it was just essentially one long gig.