Misc. sports thread (covering NHL, MLB, anything else anyone wants to talk about)

There’s a weird thing in a lot of American sports about not rubbing it in if you’re winning a game massively, so in the NFL or NBA, if a team is well ahead in the 4th quarter, they’ll sub off all their best players and kind of go easy on the other team.

I think this must be the baseball equivalent, the hitters team are seven runs up in the penultimate inning, so they don’t need to score more, and as its a 3-0 pitch, he loses nothing if he doesn’t swing at it and just takes a strike, or he could just not go full pelt at it and not hit it out the park.

I think it’s a weird thing to get upset about though. Maybe don’t throw a fastball down the middle in that situation?


One of the worst things about US sports. Hate it. Vaguely remember some junior basketball team coach getting fired a few years back for encourage his team to keep heaping on the points when they were thrashing somebody. Kinda taints a lot of stats records too now I think about it.

One of the few good things about the Patriots’ undefeated regular season was Belichick throwing this unwritten rule out the window and just piling up as many points on teams as possible. Was great to see the opposition coaches’ genuine outrage at being punished for being so shit.

In that case, you might be pleased to see the Padres hit another grand slam in the first innings tonight

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Ah, baseball!

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Obviously don’t want to post in a cycling thread, but might go big on the Japanese Keirin after that Hoy documentary on the BBC.

It’s really excellent.

Great write up this ^ - cheers! Been meaning to get back into the NHL after following for a few seasons between 2013-2015. Had been hoping to go see the Cardiff Devils at some point too but can’t say when that will next happen obviously.

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The Devils are great to see, have you been and watched them before. This is my local team (well local when you’re talking about Bristol)

isn’t the minor team also called the Cardiff Devils?

Cardiff Fire are the NIHL South 1 team, but the team that plays in NIHL South West 2 are called Cardiff Fire 2. Yeah, not the most original naming ever

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Sadly I haven’t no, really want to though. How often would you used to go? What’s the atmosphere like? I’ve only heard good things tbh

I’d imagine it’s like any hockey environment, drunk fans yelling at the refs, players from both teams and freezing their asses off

I used to go probably about 10-15 times in the season, maybe more. It’s a good rink, site lines are good, seats are decent and it’s not that cold. Probably 2nd best rink I’ve been to, after the Belfast one. Prices seem to be in line with the rest of the league and there are different pricing tiers depending upon where you sit as well, so if you’re a bit skint, you’d still be able to watch the game.
Atmosphere is good, there is a drummer there and last season they converted block 13 into a standing only area, so that’s definitely the loudest part of the rink. The great thing that I really liked that doesn’t happen at EIHL 1 or 2 is that there are midweek games, it’s awesome watching hockey straight after work.
Oh, last thing, the lass who sings the Welsh national anthem is really good

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I used to go to see the Cardiff Devils all the time as a kid, my dad had a press connection so we’d watch from a box that was catered, have very strong memories of the curly fries they served… Never became a full blown hockey fan, but me and my brothers enjoyed the atmosphere, loved the fights when they happened. There was a player called Pope we all really liked for some reason.

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Have to say, seeing NHL games in the US was a totally different experience though. Been lucky enough to see a game in Buffalo (Sabres v Redwings) and in Florida (Panthers v Canadiens) and the spectacle is a world apart (understandably).

Sounds absolutely mint! That’s great also about Block 13 being a standing area, get a bit twitchy sitting down at live events so being able to stand would be a huge plus point. Agree about the ticket pricing seeming to be reasonable from when I glanced over them last year. Really wish I’d gone now…

That’s an awesome setup there to have a box. The food there is still good as well. If it’s Matt Pope, then he still plays for the Devils too.
I think any sport played in the US has a lot more spectacle in general. I’ve been lucky to watch NHL and NFL over there once (Lightning vs Rangers for NHL and Panthers vs Bucs for NFL) and yeah the arenas and stadiums are amazing and the tailgating is fantastic

Just googled, think it must have been Brent Pope, this was a long time ago! They still played in the “Ice House” (now Wales National Ice Rink) when I was there.

Just realised I’m not even sure, are the Devils are a professional team? Like they’re paid just to play hockey? I always assumed they had day jobs like non-league football or something

I had an absolute blast at an NHL game, and an absolute nightmare at an NFL game.

For block 13, you need to have a Devils jersey (or wear something Devils related) and shout and sing all game long, it’s where the hardcore fans are.
Hopefully, next season will go ahead and then can watch some Devils hockey!

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