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Maybe next year Islanders fans :frowning:


my heart couldn’t have handled a late-night game 7 this weekend to be honest

future is bright though, Greiss may walk to a rival and he deserves too, but this is a team who are already very good and aren’t going to face a lot of cap issues this offseason so can keep things relatively intact

Bah, hate it when the final round of a Major is set up to be exciting and it winds up being a snoozefest procession (well it’s looking that way anyway)

Lots of people declaring DeChambeau winning as the end of golf, conveniently ignoring how incredibly well he played. He was at least three shots better in the final round than everyone else.

One of the few sensible things I’ve read about it pointed out that the USGA shot themselves in the foot by making the fairways so narrow. That disadvantaged the shorter drivers because even their good drives were often in the rough anyway, only 60 yards back from where Bryson was in the rough.

He’s got a great chance at the Masters too because wayward drives are rarely punished at Augusta, while crazy length off the tee is a massive advantage.

Remember these kind of arguments with John Daly. Probably earlier than that. Anyone who hits further than anyone else has always been treated with derision and suspicion.

Just look at Happy Gilmore

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Thought the Jays were going great, then somehow the last fortnight happened. :baseball:

If you like athletes who are comfortably put together, and who doesn’t, then Alejandro Kirk is here.


This guy :heart_eyes:

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