Miscellaneous animal thread


Didn’t want to ruin the cat thread, but I’ve been liking the mountain ibex recently


Flamingo dance


Never pass up the chance to post pics of axolotls


Real life cartoon creatures


My brother has a pet axolotl! He used to have two but one ate the other.


Are they good pets? Apart from the cannibalism


Coincidentally my favourite Pokemon as well.


They’re quiet and peaceful. They do this thing now and then where they stand on their back legs and wave their front legs about. Not sure what they’re really doing, but it looks like they’re waving at you. Unfortunately they eat bloodworms (and each other) which come in frozen cube form. When you put it in their tank it gets caught by the filter current and drifts around shedding writhing blood red worms as it goes. Grim.

They’re basically just as serene and low maintenance as fish, but a lot more fun to watch. And I think that if you take them out of the water, they slowly adapt and transform into salamanders.


i think those goats that climb trees are prob the best things


mint them arent they


Was his relationship with the surviving fish strained after the unpleasantness?


If anything, I think he respected him more. It’s proof that he’s not to be messed with.


I think those goats regret certain recent decisions.


That’s why I like them, impulsive gluttons


nah. top, top lads


you sure?


:smiley: ive never been able to read their thoughts before


this is a well know internet hoax. those two goats are actually just lying down on the ground and someone has rotated the photo 90°


Fuuuck - he’s right you know…


These goat pictures reminded me of this