State of this delivery cost

Australia is a crazy country.

Theo this is tony’s coffee thread


Is everything ok mate?


I’ve flagged it, it’s off-topic and inappropriate.


Tony loves me enough to let me have this

You’re mistakenly thinking Tony is in charge of this thread.

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I’m just not sure what you were doing really Theo, what was the thought process here?


It was an old thread so I thought it would be fine for a bit of miscellany.

You see I’ve been told off before for starting morning threads in my evening or something. I’m all adrift here :cry:

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Theo I’m going to need you to go back and read this thread in it’s entirety and tell me EXACTLY what it is about it that made you think “it would be fine for a bit of miscellany”


It’s just a bit monothematic, mate. I felt like when you get VD posts in it all bets are off.

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Why is Theo talking about STIs?


Theo, as you well know, I am not anti-tangent. A good tangent is the lifeblood of any half-decent thread on community.drownedinsound.com but what I will NOT tolerate is completely incongruent posts out of the clear blue sky that don’t relate to anything at all to do with the thread or any of it’s tangents. It’s bizarre behaviour.


His antivirus software needs an update.

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Does anyone else line up their slices of bread when they’re making sandwiches?

I’m talking specifically about your proper, uneven loaves. I really hate it when it’s like

\ <— edge of slice
| <— filling
/ <—edge of bottom slice.

I like the whole thing nice and even.


That diagram isn’t really working for me.

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How about this?

\\ <— edge of slice
|| <— filling
// <—edge of bottom slice.

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Sorry. No clearer.

Can you move this to ‘Miscellany’ please Theo?

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