Not many bands do not have even one bad song. Misfits fit that rare bill. Maybe “Braineaters” is poorer but en large, all good, very good. Danzig era of course.

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an omelette of disease awaits your noon time meal

Was just about to say they have a ton of crap, but then you mentioned Danzig era, so all’s good.

Not really a band I listen to much now, but absolutely rinsed them when I was in my late teens.

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That last sentence is a big disclaimer isn’t it?

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Yeah, didn’t really get that far, then actually read the op properly for once.

Iron Lung way before Radiohead

A mate gave me a C120 cassette of them way back in 1987. I was just waiting for one bad song. Didn’t happen. Braineaters seemed silly but remarkable benchmark, (Danzig era, cool… cough)…