Misheard lyrics thread

'Still reeling that the lyric is actually I BLESS THE RAINS

More please.

what did you think it was?

I swear these are the actual lyrics to “Rats” by Pearl Jam. Especially given that they were originally Mookie Blaylock.

They don’t eat, don’t sleep
They don’t feed, they don’t seethe
Bare their gums when they moan and squeak
Lick the dirt off Olajuwon’s feet a larger one’s feet

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Misheard lyrics - otherwise known as mondegreens. If you don’t know the derivation of the term “mondegreen”, look it up on Wikipedia, better than my repeating it here. It’s a hoot.

One of my favourites is this one from the band Australian Crawl:

The first two lines are

Bbeautiful people
Got a Robert Palmer T-shirt in their travel bag

but I always hear the second line as “got a rubber politician”.

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Well for nearly 36 years it’s been “I miss the rains…”


Desmond Dekker - Israelites

After a storm there must be a calm
You touch me on the bum, you sound your alarm
Oooh, me ears are alight!


This one for them hood girls, them good girls
Straight masturbators!

Always thought that was an unusual intro …


Two people, just meeting
Barely touching each other
Two spirits greeting
Drunk in Carrickfergus

I’m still sure they’re signing ‘Shake it like a qualified teacher’.


One of my favourite misheard lyrics that I am not convinced is a misheard lyric at all comes in “The Jet Song” from West Side Story. It sounds for all the world like they are singing “every last fucking gang on the whole fucking street”. If you consult the lyric sheets, the word is given as “bugging”, not “fucking”. Are they actually singing “bugging”? Sometimes I wonder. In any case, if that’s a misheard lyric, I’d say the writer, Stephen Sondheim, intended for it to be misheard.

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Diana Ross “Chain Reaction” -
“Tell Eddie Waring there ain’t no salvation”

There’s a line at the end of a song from Adorable’s first album which goes something like ‘And you cut, you cut, you cut, you cut’ which I misheard for many years and I’m sure was meant to be misheard. Sometimes I can hear the extra ‘n’ in all those cuts, and sometimes I can’t (actually with his accent, it also sounds just as much like ‘you can’t, you can’t, you can’t’).

“Six days a week
I feel the pain man comin’”

Just realised I actually thought it was

I hear the pain man comin’


The vocal sample in Since I Left You by The Avalanches is actually singing “since I met you”:


all i can think about is world war one

(5 Seconds of Summer)

The Who - Baba O’Riley

Teenage waistline
It’s a teenage waistline


At a PMR meeting last month my boss told me she’d spent most of her life thinking Madonna sang ‘Poppadom Beach’.


Yep, but poppadom freak for me.

*two spirits, greensleeves