Misheard lyrics thread


At a PMR meeting last month my boss told me she’d spent most of her life thinking Madonna sang ‘Poppadom Beach’.


"I want a freak in the morning, freak in the evening

I want a rough tough bugger that’s like clarified ghee"


Also on Crucifix Kiss: “And if one of the, occupation troops, forces you, to cabbage patch”


Yep, but poppadom freak for me.


*two spirits, greensleeves


“I can’t believe you kiss your cock goodnight”

Shania Twain - That Don’t Impress Me Much


“…and I feel like a worm, and I feel like a worm…”


“Sammy Lee! Sammy Lee! I don’t feel so insecure!”


I thought it was “You made me feel like Zwan”


‘And the most tri-curious poses’ - Prince, When Doves Cry


"Did you ever forgive her?


“It was no circus but I’ll be there”


“You get nasty blisters, dubbing session”

“Owais Shah is someone you really love”


The National. “Your mind is racing like a pronoun.”


The National - “We’re half awake, in a bacon pie”


My favourite National one is one that someone posted on this forum when TWFM came out, and now I can’t hear it as anything else:
“I’ll stay down with Matt Damon”


You fucker, that’s all I’m going to hear now.


That’s exactly what my mate said. I’ve ruined that song for loads of people.


You mean that isn’t the lyric?


Apparently not! I tried to rationalise it at the time, thinking


yeah I suppose pronouns ARE faster than proper nouns.


Proper nouns don’t race nearly as fast because you can say he or she much faster than you can say someone’s name - especially if the name has more than one syllable.

I don’t think that anymore though. OMG it was a million years ago.