Misheard lyrics thread


I’m so, so, SO sorry about this, but I do genuinely hear “How could you become another boy struck dumb with love” in this as “How could you fill another boy’s rectum with love”


Feeder: And drink cider from a lemon, lemon, lemon, lemon

only realised literally the other day when someone quoted the correct line in another thread on here.


The :tv: is 100% convinced that Panda Bear is singing “bacon bacon baaaaacon” in Bros., and will not hear otherwise


What is the correct line?


It’s ‘bacon’


All the women who are independent
Throw your hands up Batman


From 11


enjoying the new hit song on the radio “I’ve Been Talking To Your Reservoir”


“But no-one’s falling for that NASCAR bullshit”


Exactly what I hear


“When Smokey sings
I feel violence”


In the Nine Inch Nails song “With Teeth” he says those words in a very drawn out way - kinda like “a-with-a teeth-ah” and I honestly thought until very recently he was singing “the weather changes her”. I’ve asked other people if they hear it. they don’t.



I know from the title that that’s not the lyric but I still sing it as that in my head all the time


One of the best bits of the Boxer live album is Matt addressing this very thing.


Hmm, Google is still resolutely saying Lemon.

Could have sworn the CD lyric booklet did too but I haven’t seen it in years


Haha nice, haven’t heard that yet


I heard it as MASCOT for ages… like what the fuck would mascot bullshit be!?


My Dad often listened to Thin Lizzy in the car when I was little and for many years I thought they had a song about the exploits of The Boys of Beckintown, who I imagined were a Robin Hood-esque band of medieval rapscallions.


“Boys and girls in the summertime love, summertime love on the beach tonight
Say hey, say you, say me, say what
Everybody has got a cock”

(Not posting the original video for obvious nsfw reasons)


I’ve checked the lyrics.
What you’ve written is definitely what he sings.