Misheard lyrics thread


Slowdive - Alison

“”Alison," I said, “We’re sinking”
There’s nothing here but that’s a Wookiee”


Randomly remembered about a plasterer singing ‘Street lights!’ along to the chorus of Street Life by The Crusaders a few years ago.

Couldn’t work out if he was being daft or thought those were the words.


Spare him his life for his pork sausages


ABBA is on heavy rotation in our house at the minute. Only just noticed that this sounds exactly as follows:

Super trouper, beans are going to blind me.


Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees

The opening line I hear is “A fake plastic watering can, from a fake chinese Robert Plant”

So not only is Robert Plant chinese after all, but he’s faking being chinese and he works in a garden centre.



I seem to have forgotten how to embed youtube vids. Swear I’ve done this before…


“When I grow up, I wanna see the world, drive nice cars, I wanna have boobies”


used to think the chorus of Airbag by Radiohead was

“Ain’t interested in birds, I’m back to save the universe”


Kendrick Lamarr - DNA.

There’s a sample with some dude shouting what sounds like “GIMME FOCACCIA”. Found out recently it is Rick James, “Gimme some ganja”.


“You gotta be gay”


“Rain down
Come on, rain down on me
For the greyhounds
For the greyhounds, hooooounds”




I’ve sung that at karaoke as well!!


Haha brilliant.
That’s your “Ken Leeeee, libbadibbadoubtyou” moment.


“Listen for me, you’d better listen, Firmino”


“Edie Sedgwick! Anna Karina! Aleem Dar!”


“Aaaaaaah, but it’s Blackburn life only”


“Supermassive vagabond!”


I apologise in advance for even mentioning Cher Lloyd but my other half and our daughter always hear the lyrics of With ur Love as

“All of them other boys can walk away, they CAN EVEN END UP GAY”

Rather than the correct

“…they ain’t even in the game”!


Just remembered one. In Lithium by Nirvana my brother used to think the lyric was:

I’m so horny, but that’s okay, my willy’s good.