Misheard lyrics thread


I think your brother is right on this one :rofl:.


“Mike McCavity! Put a record on”


“You can fix your hair if it won’t grow
Ricky Fisher knows that you said so”


“I can’t believe you kiss your cock goodnight”


“Worms in Lee Cattermole, more real than McDonald’s”


“Outside, open-mouthed crowds” = “I’m tired, open my crotch”

“From despair to where” = “Fuck this pain away” (odd as it was a decade before Peaches)

James Dean Bradfield deserves his own thread :joy:


“It’s sawdust! Sawdust, everybody!”


You mishear a lot of lyrics, huh




“My name is Jordan Peterson! My name is Jordan Peterson!”


“Che Guevara
Shake it up”


Always thought The Breeders Cannonball was " the bong in this rare gay song"

Must have heard it a thousand times before realising the actual lyrics and that they made sense.


Used to hear “the masses against the classes” as “by myself, I can’t spell ‘crisis’” which is especially odd, given that it’s the title lyric being sung.


I heard “Even scared myself by talking about Dahmer on your couch” as “Even scared myself by talking about Tumblr on your couch”


That’s actually a potential classic Richey line! The self doubt and intense self examination, etc.


I was listening to Modest Mouse earlier and remembered I used to think he was singing “someday you will die and somehow something’s gonna steal your coffin” on Parting Of The Sensory, which still works in a macabre kind of way…


“I’m on sale to the sound of Microsoft”




Destiny’s Child - Bootylicious
By the look i got you shit fucking scared of me


Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World

Misheard: I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dogs say goodnight

Actual: I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night


I always hear the first line as ‘all the women in the pinnies’ which is not really in line with the song’s message of female empowerment