Misplaced anything lately?


Can be physical or metaphorical


A singular cycling mitt. Might have left it on the Isle of Wight, but I don’t know.


My headphones, actually.

I have a nice pair I like a lot, although luckily fairly cheap.

Either they fell out of my pocket after I carefully rolled them up yesterday, or they’re lying around the house somewhere.

Had to use my backups today (which are decent, thankfully).


I misplaced my favourite ever earphones a few years ago and have never found them and they don’t make them ay more. Very galling.


Been ages since I did anything musical and realised the other day I’ve forgotten loads of my lyrics. I didn’t bother writing them down and we only recorded a handful of our songs.


Ooh, now that is shit.

Mine are those Urbanears Kransen ones. They have a mic on so it’s useful when I have to do calls while WFH and I like how they roll up and have a clever method to self-clasp.


Oh holy shit, that sucks :frowning:


Yeah, it made me quite sad. I’ve since written out all the ones I can remember and maybe it’ll feel good to fill in the blanks with new ones. Maybe.


You probably rhymed “hands in the air” with “just don’t care” if I know anything about songwriting.


My ones were Ultimate Ears and your ones are Urban Ears, what are the chances!


For Pocus I used to write some bits on the spot when we rehearsed. Was mega-glad the drummer recorded every rehearsal otherwise I’d never have known some of them. I still have all 109 sessions in my MP3 folder somewhere.



Cheers Ant.
I’ve got a line about love but wondering what direction it could’ve come from to make the rhyme.


lost my wallet a week ago - still looking for it.
need to buy another one really…




this reminds me of the receptionist in our department who sends emails like this out to the whole school on an almost daily basis:

title an unknown thingy

body In reception we have a lost item - its is nameless. It may sit around
the neck, it is a beautiful rich colour turqoise.

Not a very inspiring email but I should imagine the person who owns it
is beautiful.

[her name]



She sounds quite poetic, does she deal with any of the administrative tasks in such a pleasing way?


Love is a beast
That comes from the east

Thanks again, Ant!


Always happy to help :slight_smile:


I have lost a pair of padded cycling underwear.
Dunno where the fuck its gone but i’ve looked everywhere!