Misplaced anything lately?

Can be physical or metaphorical

A singular cycling mitt. Might have left it on the Isle of Wight, but I don’t know.

My headphones, actually.

I have a nice pair I like a lot, although luckily fairly cheap.

Either they fell out of my pocket after I carefully rolled them up yesterday, or they’re lying around the house somewhere.

Had to use my backups today (which are decent, thankfully).

I misplaced my favourite ever earphones a few years ago and have never found them and they don’t make them ay more. Very galling.

Been ages since I did anything musical and realised the other day I’ve forgotten loads of my lyrics. I didn’t bother writing them down and we only recorded a handful of our songs.

Ooh, now that is shit.

Mine are those Urbanears Kransen ones. They have a mic on so it’s useful when I have to do calls while WFH and I like how they roll up and have a clever method to self-clasp.

Oh holy shit, that sucks :frowning:

Yeah, it made me quite sad. I’ve since written out all the ones I can remember and maybe it’ll feel good to fill in the blanks with new ones. Maybe.

You probably rhymed “hands in the air” with “just don’t care” if I know anything about songwriting.

My ones were Ultimate Ears and your ones are Urban Ears, what are the chances!

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For Pocus I used to write some bits on the spot when we rehearsed. Was mega-glad the drummer recorded every rehearsal otherwise I’d never have known some of them. I still have all 109 sessions in my MP3 folder somewhere.

Cheers Ant.
I’ve got a line about love but wondering what direction it could’ve come from to make the rhyme.

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lost my wallet a week ago - still looking for it.
need to buy another one really…


She sounds quite poetic, does she deal with any of the administrative tasks in such a pleasing way?

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Love is a beast
That comes from the east

Thanks again, Ant!

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Always happy to help :slight_smile:

I have lost a pair of padded cycling underwear.
Dunno where the fuck its gone but i’ve looked everywhere!

Why is it padded?