Missing Indonesian submarine

Would really like this to have a good ending, submarine disasters are a unique type of awful

People on Reddit seemed to think the oil slick meant that the submarine was gone forever which is horrible. Of course, I hope the armchair submarine experts are wrong but it’s a dire situation nonetheless.

I spent some time this morning reading about the Kursk tragedy. It’s completely horrifying to think about

Remember the Russian one about 20 years ago that was grim. There is a chance it could be all over anyway, there was something on Wednesday saying that the sub couldn’t withstand the pressure if it sunk.

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The most panicked I’ve ever been was when i was on a submarine (that was in dry land, with all of the doors open, and I could leave at any time). Wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, poor fuckers

Stuff of nightmares

It’s not good News unfortunately :pensive:

Heart Breaking stuff.

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