Missing themes?

Oh, I can see them all… just most don’t work.

Not a big deal at all though - must have been a big weekend with the migration. They are a long way from essential

just tried four or five different ones, and they’re working for me (Mac OSX / Safari)

The only ones that work for me on Windows or Android are Graceful, Minima and Vincent - but like I said, this was the case pre-migration too.

No problems here.

Was using grey skull before, it’s showing now, and seems to be working fine, or at least I haven’t noticed any theme change post-migration (on Firefox on Android).

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How is Grey Skull meant to look?

Can’t quite remember.

Involves these colours

Do you have night mode on?

May be a cache thing too :person_shrugging:

I’ve been on Grey Skull for ages and it looks the same it always did. Also looks fine on Chrome on my Mac

^Screenshot may not be a fully accurate, as I think I have an eye comfort setting to reduce blue light that kicks in at 10pm, and it’s now half past.

OK they seem to work if I log out bizarrely, as soon as I log back in they just revert back to Standard Colours. Must be something weird in my profile settings somewhere as tried with a test account and also fine.

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Weird - just brings up the standard colours for me whatever I choose.

Have you tried logging out and then changing theme while logged out?

Lo… gout…?

Hmm… it seems to work when logged out then revert to default when logged in. Perplexing.

Same as me then, I’ll see if I can get to the bottom of it!

OK I may have solved this. Think it is to do with dark mode being set at OS or browser level perhaps. If I go to my Preferences (click my avatar in top right and then the little user symbol) and then go to Interface I need to change Dark Mode from “Same as regular” to whichever theme I want.


why would anyone want to leave dark mode? :smiley:

Has anyone created any themes in the Arc browser? Only had the browser for a week but it’s making me feel less like I have too many tabs open all the time

Just saw this about their colour themes and got me thinking I could borrow some ideas of colours people want

Sounds interesting, but I’ll need to wait for the non-Apple releases.

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They said in another video I watched that the Windows version is nearly done.

It’s built on top of Chromium so everything from Chrome imported really easily and from Safari too. The mobile browser is handy as I save things in a to read folder on both devices and browse them on either device. Can also set up bookmarks more like shortcuts to go directly into docs and bookmarked threads.

Feels so much better not having 4 chrome browser windows open for my different roles with a tonne of tabs open and bookmarks of bits im currently working on for different projects. Or leaving a fab open for a week in the hope I remember to read something. :person_facepalming:

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