Mistakenly took a piss in the ladies toilet's in mozzos this morning


yeah, it is a new mozzos to me, so not 100% sure of the layout. saw a lady walking out of what I thought was the ladies toilet, so waltzed into the other one assuming it was the gents.

noticed immediately that there were no troughs, but thought this must be a new thing. thought no troughs is a good idea and considered posting about it on a popular music board.

did my business, (wee) washed the hands and left. looked up at the door and yep, it was the ladies. yikes!

luckily, it was dead early, so no one saw me either going in, out, or actually in the wrong loo.

before anyone calls me out as a straight out liar, I have not had a solid night’s sleep for 3 months and counting. maximum sleep is 5 hrs, at a push. man on the edge innit. Michael Douglas in Falling Down innit.

happy to field any questions on this, or anything else morrisons related really



Dyson air blades?


Dyson Airblade Tap is where it’s at these days ma0m.


seems to happen to me quite a bit, starting to think i might be a wrongun. always seem to be mid-piss where i’m like… oh look there’s a bin for sanit- FUCK!!!


i did this at my old work - in fairness both toilets were just cubicles, had the sink etc. in the cubicle itself so wasn’t really any different, only realised when i was leaving that the layout was different. no-one noticed.


The old world has changed so much since I’ve left, I would probably just avoid toilets altogether.


man, I’m so tired I could have been drying my hands with bacon rinds. no clue at all.



That’s OK, just go back in tomorrow and let me know when you find out


Don’t think I’ve ever pissed in a supermarket, something to think about I guess


Solid logs only


They are a miracle. You can get stuck in a wet hands/dry hands loop for hours though (believe you me!)


It’d be like a holiday for your hands. A hand holiday.


A dangerous game for yer OCDers.


I nearly did this once, but managed to avoid it at the last moment


(it wasn’t in mozzos though, assuming mozzos is a morrison’s)


Great contribution


thanks man, means a lot


got another mozzos query/line of q/whatever/thing

I’m not a meal deal guy, but I needed an emergency cheese sandwich, so I checked out their meal deal thing. man…there was sooooome choice.

seemed like very good value. cannot compare to others, as I don’t know about Boots/Sainsburys etc.

got a cheese and tomato baguette, millionaire shortbread thing and some sort of smoothie. all for 3 quid. was quite happy with this


millionaire shortbread in a meal deal sounds good to me


me neither