Misterstevening thread?


Whenever I do this someone’s already made one while I typed. What’s everyone up to? I have band, and I just wrote this


ate too many pistachios while i was waiting for my lasagna and now im not hungry


Had my work chrimbo lunch, people were quite drunk and gossipy. After lunch people went to the pub, I didn’t as it was too hectic, felt compelled to go back to the office as it was early, whereas if I had been drunk I would have totally been expected to go home, bit unfair


i’ve been eating nothing but cadbury heroes all day. totally ruined my appetite.

has also given me a mad headache.


evening all

I think I have bought all the Christmas presents I need to buy, so I’m toying with the idea of wrapping them up now and then Christmas is essentially sorted. probably more productive than watching my wife play Horizon Zero Dawn or darts (although the darts was dead good yesterday).

BRB, wrapping presents


The good news is that lasagne is good day after lunch.


Watched get out, quite enjoyed it. Going to bed early because I have so much work to do this week and can’t take another day off argh


Evening stevie. The hotel room I’m in has really noisy pipes and it sounds like there’s a game of badminton going on in my room. Going out to get some food in a minute in time for the Masterchef / RS double bill. Might do some work, might not.



Making risotto, drinking wine.

Cheers lads


TV is coming thursday 'til NY so spent the whole of today sat in front of the xbox while theres still no one to make me go outside or do anything.


fucking glitter on Christmas cards can fuck right off!

evening team, gonna make some food, potter about the flat and then watch some masterchef. masterchef is on tonight isn’t it?!


Agreed, glitter is fucking horrible. Makes my teeth itch.


Evening everyone

Had right early tea as the TV had her Xmas presentation evening at her school (her choir are singing some Xmas carols. Sounds lovely). Reckon I’ll be pretty hungry by bed time. Masterchef/Rick double bill and bed I reckon. Another 5am start tomorrow so.


Stop eating it then


It is indeed, cooking for the greats tonight.

LOVE a bit of glitter on a card, I like to rub the excess into my hair :grinning:


It’s the end of term!

Had a Christmassy buffet tea with cheese, crackers, pickled onions, Twiglets, sausages on sticks, that kind of thing. Now about to embark on yet more wrapping, with some port for sustenance.


still annoyed that George Michael’s dead


PARTY tea, love it

Had some leftover pasta as had school dinner today so am still full.

Need to write some cards, hate doing it but also hate not doing it when people keep giving me them!

think my shopping is almost done…woopwoop


was actually thinking this earlier


it’s all about rick stein lopes