Misterstevening thread?


sorry japes, but is it fuck


Good stevening! Have said I’d go to two different drinking arrangements tonight, could probably get away with going to neither, will probably make a vain attempt to go to both


The thread man, the thread.



I had a load of leftovers from an indian takeaway last night. my flatmate got some pretty bad news about his visa application. i.e. he’s probably not going to be able to get it - meaning he’ll be kicked out of the country, despite living here for 9.5 years or so


Still ill. Can I go to bed yet?


Had a pretty massive greasy cheese (plain) omelette earlier but quite hungry now


is a cheese omlette a plain one?




they’ve added some really intrusive synth brass and bells to the hollyoaks theme tune


Whereas before it was the height of subtle orchestration!


Episode 3 of Life is Strange: Before the Storm is downloading before my very eyes and I’m debating whether my Christmas track needs drums (probably will leave it beatless tbh / pay homage to ‘I’m A Radioheads’ by the Creep)


what thread?!


Binned off my curry plans, pissing off several people, to come home and eat a burrito in my pyjamas. No ragrets.

Except for the trapped wind I’m now struggling with. Ooft.


Definitely misread this at first


Watching a Swedish drama with my mum mostly asleep beside me on the sofa. Standard


Good Stevening,

Severely irked at my ex for numerous reasons that I won’t bore you with. Wish I could have a good shout at him but that sadly won’t achieve anything.

Waiting for R to get to sleep then I have volunteered to wrap some presents for my mum. It’s all party in the Flashinglight house tonight.


Yes, you can.


Just had mates over whilst cooking, entertaining Jnr AND doing my lecture e as they were both only free the exact length of my class.

Going to chill out now with chocolate and a podcast. Hope that owl comes back from last night, noisy little angel


Sounds quite postmodern as dramas go


My brother is cooking us sausage and mash with onion gravy and broccoli and peas. Get fucking in. I’m working night shifts but whatever - I shall have all of that power in me.

I’m also watching Feud which is absolutely excellent if anyone wants to know.


Last day at work today, but still got a load of stuff that I need to finish off tonight :tired_face: After that, need to pack for tomorrow and wrap some presents.

Probably going to open a beer soon :beers: