Misterstevening thread?


Rick stein. It’s a piece of brilliance every week


maybe i’ll swing by later :slight_smile:

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My landlady got a dog a while ago. The dog was nervous so. One day the dog wasn’t around anymore. I used to say that the dog had been sent to dog school to learn to be less afraid and I half believed it but half just thought she’d got rid of it. Then about 4 months later the dog was back which was good cause it meant what I thought was true was true. Dog has the same name tagged collar/looks the same etc. I started having doubts though but didn’t want to bring it up. Anyway tonight the dog ran away to the park and when I spoke to my landlady she referred to the dog by another name. It’s not the same dog!!!?!?? I just think my landlady needs to 1. Not give a new dog the collar of a dog that’s probably now dead cause it’s weird and it tricks people 2. Not get dogs and dogs and dogs and keep giving them back when they’re needing more than you can give.
Anyway tonight she was eating a microwaveable lasagne which is the sort of thing I would do but I always felt she was more into cooking fresh from scratch.


I am on your side but feel like you know too much about your landlady.


Why are airport beers and food more expensive when the cologne and big toblerones are less expensive?


Really only works if you’re watching the programme too.

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Guys, what’s happened to @Jeremys_Iron? Don’t tell me he’s gone too?!


Can someone check if the Hot Tug™ is adrift at sea?



Do Moby Dick.

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Remember that guy that used to always talk about burritos…or was it pyjamas? Dunno


Hi mistersteve, have you been doing Christmas shows with your band? Brass bands doing carols, etc is ridiculously Christmasy I find.


This s an actual nightmare to read.




I’ve just remembered that at Fenino this weekend SOMEONE (naming no names) exploited the unsecured Sonos in the pub to play The Impression That I Get to the whole pub.



that took so much longer than I thought it would


Nice Dino tags


I did my wrapping this evening too. Yours is considerably better.


Watching a direct to video movie with stone cold Steve Austin as the lead. It’s called ‘hunt to kill’


I on the other hand feel like we all need to know more about her.

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