Misty In Roots

I’ve been listening to Live at the counter eurovision a lot recently and love how genuine the album is. A John Peel distraction for me years ago but damn he was right. Great band / music. Misty In Roots ‎- Live At The Counter Eurovision 79 - YouTube

A fantastic album, definitely one of the greatest of all time. Pretty extraordinary that it has never been properly re-issued and is currently essentially out of print and not available digitally as far as I know.

Also the first band I ever saw live (I was a teenage reggae fanatic growing up in the ghetto of rural Essex)

It really is a superb album and it just gets better with repeated listening. Always thought Peel was over egging them years ago but it is real quality. Not heard anything else but gather it’s their best album. The times I’ve ambled past them at Glastonbury too years ago.

Half the band left soon after Live at the Counter Eurovision and another member was beaten half to death by the SPG so they never quite hit those levels again. Their first two studio albums Earth, and Wise and Foolish are both pretty good but not on the same level as LATCE

Pretty much all of their stuff is hard to get hold of except their 2002 ‘comeback’ record Roots Controller which is a mix of so-so new songs and tracks from the early albums (including a few from LATCE).

Their Peel Sessions album is well worth getting hold of if you can.

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