Anyone a fan? Seeing her show tonight or seen her before?

I never heard of her before Puberty 2. That turned out to be one of the albums of the year for me. Looking forward hugely to tonight’s gig.


Same as you. I checked out the album as it got good reviews and loved it. Not going tonight, would be good to hear how it was, so let me know.

I’d never heard of her until the new album either. I didn’t think the whole album lived up to it but the single was definitely one of my favourites of 2016.

Great album, one of my top 5 YTD.

I’m going tonight…

Enjoyed the album well enough when it first came out, but have been rinsing it this week and now absolutely love it. Are her previous worth picking up?

Likewise. I hadn’t heard of her before Puberty 2. It’s definitely one of my favourites of the year too!

Managed to snap up a ticket yesterday on dice waiting list. Very excited. Trust fund should be good too. If you see a small chap wearing a red shirt, nursing a pint in the corner - come and say Hi!

Her album Bury Me at Makeout Creek is brilliant too. Looking at her recent set lists she plays a few from there. Worth checking out the first three songs from that album before tonight’s gig if you have time.

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I’m on it…


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Stage times:

Doors : 7.30pm
Peluche : 8pm
Trust Fund : 8.45pm
Mitski : 9.30pm


Went last night to see Trust Fund, really enjoyed Mitski. A thoroughly pleasant evening’s outing.

So that was pretty great, right? Thought all three bands were fantastic! Couldn’t help but listen to Puberty 2 on the (long) train home :slight_smile:

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Excellent gig. The sound was slightly dodgy for the first two songs and she didn’t play “I Bet On Losing Dogs” but I’m being too picky. Great evening. I’ll delve into her back catalogue deeper now.

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Have a good journey back. Luckily I’m a north Londoner and am typing this at a Camden pub. But I’ll be putting on Puberty 2 on the tube journey back home.

Awh thanks! I got back about half hour ago to find my flatmate replacing the sink. Cracking night though and got home earlier than I thought I would. Hope you had a good night too!

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Cheers. A great night out. I was there with my mate who needed a pint and night out.

Glad to hear! Did you manage to catch all three bands? I was familiar with both Mitski and Trust Fund but hadn’t heard of Peluche before but I was rather impressed with them too

I’m afraid not. We got in for the last two songs of Trust Fund which sounded pretty good.

Mitski, Angel Oslen and Jenny Hval. Some brilliant albums and live gigs by female artists coming up this month. (Come on blokes, you’re rubbish.)

I have one free spare ticket for Amber Arcades at the Moth Club later this month if anyone is interested? I saw them at New York last month and they were great. I’ve got tickets for The Pretenders that evening and so can’t make it. I can transfer my ticket via DICE to someone.

I was keen to see Trust Fund as I really enjoyed last years album ‘Seems Unfair’. They definitely didn’t disappoint. The vocals from were slightly more grating live than on record but the energy they gave was great. Love a standing drummer!

I didn’t expect to get there in time for Peluché but was glad I did. Quite a nice bass lead groove based trio. Unfortunately they only seem to have three tracks on Spotify but I see if I can source out some of their other material.

I’m seeing Jenny Hval and Angel Olsen (with The Raincoats) this month too! Two of my favourite records of the month, no doubt. Unfortunately I’ve not heard of Amber Arcades, worth checking out?

Amber Arcades are pretty good on record and live. Worth a listen.