Keep trying to sing the album title to the tune of the “This morning is amazing and so are you” bit in Balcony Man by Nick Cave

This is the first one I’ve listened to since Puberty 2. Not deliberately, just never got round to the last two.

It’s quite nice! What’s she been up to in between then?

World Domination.


Ok I absolutely love this now and think its her best record

A whoooooooole cake


Saw she was playing Utrecht so had a look at tickets. Already sold out despite being 55 euro for an acoustic show. That’s insane Jeremy

guess that’s just how much things cost these days


Yep it stands up really well on multiple listens for me too

I really love Be The Cowboy (her best album) and liked the last one a lot too, on first listen this is absolutely brilliant too though, yeah.

It’s an absolutely perfect sounding album for a GM/EOTR headline next year, she’s almost certainly way too big for either now though.

Perfectly soundtracked my rainy commute this morning.

I’m Your Man is such a great song


Gonna do a listen where I stick Bug in later on, because it distracts me being the best thing by far imho right up front

It’s a short album isn’t it? Generally I’m a fan of short albums and anti the hour long slogs that came about during the CD revolution (all albums should fit on one side of a C90 tape by law). But in this case, I could do with another couple of tracks. I suppose leaving me wanting more is the perfect ending.

she hasn’t done any albums longer than 32 mins it seems (which is how long this one is too) so clearly just the space she likes working in


I didn’t realise that. Clearly this is my favourite album of hers. It just flies past

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Great stuff, might listen to all of them in that case.

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The really short song in the middle is really good too imo

I’d much rather have a 32 minute album every year than 70 minute one every two years or more like you get with some other artists

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Hurt my shoulder running from the office to get to HMV before it shut

Old school