Mitt Romney

Blowing out candles


Got to admire his hygiene standards, well, i mean, had he washed his hands first.

Fucking hell, that is how you milk a birthday.

Shit Romney ahahahahahah!




Also is that cake just a stack of Twinkie’s?

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I thought daniel day Lewis had given up acting?

Joe Biden, hitting a pinata

isn’t that how everyone blows out their candles?!

Looks good for 72

No need for the Turing Test there.

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Do you think he thought he could get several birthday wishes by blowing them out individually ? Because it doesn’t work like that, that is just cheating.

tbh that was pretty cool. might do that myself from now on

He says that!

I did not have the volume on and only now realised this.

Reckon that is the mark of a psychopath