Mittwoch - Midweek - Mercredi


0632 as I type this, sat on a bench on Platform 8 of Watford Jn. Dude sat next to me is chomping his way through a samosa which, as breakfasts go, feels a little on the rich side. Still, it makes me look unusually civilised by comparison…

Today I was supposed to be in York for a meeting, but that was SENSATIONALLY cancelled at the 16th hour yesterday. So, I have data interrogation to do for our tedious Scottish soulmates, finish my interim review form ahead of tomorrow’s ritual slaughter and then leave early to do the school pick-up.

Yazzle Yazzle Yazzle, eh? Enough about me, hbu guys?

Srsly considering pulling a sickie

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do it


Yeah, pull it pniks. No good ever came of going into work when feeling lousy.


Got in from work at 9.45 yesterday evening. Couldn’t sleep, now back at work 7-3. Shattered. Still, have Friday off. Just got to get there first.

Nothing wrong with a samosa for breakfast imo.


Indian food of almost any kind is one of the greatest breakfasts ever conceived. I’m about to eat some cereal and yoghurt but I’d much rather have chana masala and a paratha.

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Morning folks!

Today is my first day properly to myself since June to go out somewhere. Kinda just want to spend the day in bed though as I slept terribly.

Plans roughly consist of :station: :coffee::bento: :shopping: :whale2: :cake:

Morning all

WingFH today and doing the morning and afternoon school runs. (Question for the dads: how often do you have conversations with other parents on the playground? Me: almost never. Maybe twice in the last four years).

I’ve seen too much Red Dwarf to consent to this.

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I practically never talk to anyone on the playground. The problem is exacerbated for me because our daughter goes to a Welsh-speaking nursery and I’m not a Welsh-speaker, but there seems to be a bit of an unspoken acknowledgement among the various dads anyway that you just don’t speak to anyone. It’s quite uncomfortable.

Likewise - very rarely. There is one guy, the Dad of my daughter’s best friend who I will aimlessly and awkwardly talk about sport with for two or three minutes, but otherwise I keep myself to myself.

I dropped my daughter off for the first time yesterday and one dad walked right up to me and started talking about my car, and how he wants one. I have a brand new hire car for my work, so I just played along.

Morning all! Got a night in to my self tonight to do a podcast and finish sonic Mania. But first I have to do a shit tonne of talking to vendors all day. Brilliant.

Then tomorrow I’m on the road. Cannot wait for Friday m9s.

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Morning all, today is my wednesday. I’ve got 2 weeks off after friday, boy am I ready to not be in this office.

Found a note from someone called ‘the parking vigilante’ who seems to have decided to lightly key my car yesterday. Mildly baffled. What a fucking nerd.

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Can this be @chris-budget’s new user title?

N.B. sorry to hear about this man, what an absolute cock.

Hyuk hyuk


In fairness it’s given me an idea for a hysterical noir story where I use forensic evidence to try and investigate and subdue the vigilante, becoming along the way the very thing I had sought to fight. Et cetera.

Sounds like Roscoe and Marlon are going to be up to no good again!