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Bill is a lucky guy

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feeling properly bleak about this job today. glad to have the day off tomorrow but back in on friday, think i’ll just have to turn down work from here in the future, just aint worth it. got the day off tomorrow to work on some music, really looking forward to it.

That note could be examined for fingermarks if you haven’t touched it too much. If it continues or escalates and you give a fuck/want to pursue it consider carefully placing it (or any further notes) in a plastic bag without touching it if you can.
Or just chuck it in the bin and laugh about what a saddo they are.

Morning. Can’t really be arsed today so I’ll just tell myself I’m doing admin and fanny about on the internet until the tv gets home.

Morning all! I’m feeling decidedly cheery today even though it’s fucking chucking it down outside. Going to finish two reviews this morning and then it’s off out to do some work.

That was me yesterday. Felt good to do nowt.

I moved house yesterday. Currently in that “why do I have so much stuff” stage of unpacking. My life would certainly be easier right now if I had no interest in music, books or hobbies.


I didn’t do it :frowning:

also fao @he_2

how much work you planning on doing today?

  • Lots and lots (boff)
  • A bit, not going crazy like
  • Not very much tbqh
  • As little as possible

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I’m here
Dunno why

someone’s just put on some terrible generic trip hop shite. not like i’m trying to edit to music or anything here, pal. record levels of cba.

Eldest spawn has only just started school but I’ll usually chat to at least one other parent every day I drop her off. I think it’s because she was at nursery at the thinly veiled’s workplace so everyone else knew each other and it was very chatty as a result.

Now thinking about it, that probably makes me the odd parent who is making other dads feel uncomfortable :+1:


Eh, I don’t think I’d feel uncomfortable if someone sparked up conversation with me. I think there’s a part of me that feels like it’s a parental duty that I’m neglecting.

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Quite livid at my breakfast bagel from Pod.
Stingy as fuck with that peanut butter!

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i hardly know 'er!

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They’ve not even gone to the edges of the bagel! That’s an outrage, Meo.

pod has gone a bit shit lately. got rid of their meal deals at lunch and the food has dropped in quality.

I couldn’t even fully spread out the peanut butter on that one side!!

I think I’ve almost done my planning for this afternoon, which means I only have to turn up and deliver it.

I have two quite big piles of marking to do for tomorrow and I should be thinking about clearing one of them before lunch.