Mittwoch - Midweek - Mercredi

They don’t have any vegan hot food!

Pod has been shit for years, ever since they got in bed with a private equity firm and expanded too rapidly.

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I’ve ended up in a bit of a DiS stats wormhole. Check out all these users who have logged into for less than one minute. grandpasimpsonhat.gif

@wrigglefingers - was it something we said? @aislingwang - come back!

And then this person has viewed for 369 days but never once posted. @mixmaster_a - it’s your time to shine! Come and say hello to the daily thread


Those stats could suggest that they’ve had a browser tab open for the last year but don’t look at it.



However it did remind me that I own this, @Witches and @ericthefourth


been on a big music with wicker man vibes kick lately. have you heard comus’ first utterance? i’m absolutely in love with it.

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They’ve liked 77 posts, including 12 of @Aggpass 's. Maybe they’re just shy

(Of course, they might not be male)

No I haven’t- I’ll give it a listen later

I’ve got so much work to do before going off on holibobs that it’s paralysing, so I’m doing none of it.

I can’t see how this could possibly go wrong.

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Where are the two of you going?

I will be attempting reasonable amounts of work today.

penoid convention in… dresden

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Dresden’s a bit too nice for that. Can we change it to somewhere dingier in the former DDR? How about Zwickau or Chemnitz?

(I changed it from Cottbus as that’s too nice as well on consideration)

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Omg best album!! It’s so good. :smile:

Takes me back to when two of my school friends lived together in Glasgow. We’d often go round, drink mead and listen to that album.

I had a nosey at your Instagram Em, you have so many cool and very interesting things!!

We’re circumnavigating the Horn of Africa in the Hot Tug™.


I tried to find you on Instagram, but it was all goths stealing your real name.

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Yeaaah, goths love me.

I’m not on Instagram. Well, I am, but I haven’t posted anything yet.

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Should I bother doing some music today?

  • Yes
  • No

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