Mittwoch Mittagessen

What’s for lunch boys and girls?

Went for a mooch in the Iceland FOOD WAREHOUSE earlier and came back with (amongst other things) these:

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gonna have some staffordshire oatcakes with cheese and bacon :yum:


now you can have a misery lunch without even leaving the house


Absolutely loved oatcakes when I was at uni.The Sainsbo’s round here used to sell them, but not seen them for ages.

home-made pasta salad, feat.:
pasta (fusilli)
garlic infused olive oil
sundried tomatoes
marinated artichokes
salami (italian i believe)
orange peppers
green olives
parmesan shavings

pretty great tbh

EDIT: gonna go get one of those lime & mint san pelly cans to go with it

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Pret Tuna & Cucumber. Not filling enough.

Who’s are the chilli cheese bakes?

whoever was rolling those yellow ones was feeling pretty lazy by the looks of things.

Yeah, I’m going to ask for a refund

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yeah my local sainsbos in manchester sell them but I’m always a bit worried that they’re going to suddenly stop so I keep a load in the freezer

Egg mayo sandwich
Chili heatwave doritos
3 choco leibniz biscuits

If this is a nation where a fucking GREGGS sausage roll is the nation’s favourite then I’m out. They’re horrid! #twexit

greggs it


Nobody else is ever going to do the same volume though are they?

East Anglian baked potato, tuna mayo. Some broccoli.

I miss autofill, it would be really useful for the lunch threads.

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Don’t tread on my dreams of the scientific research I was just considering undertaking :frowning:

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Roast vegetables (red pepper, aubergine, courgette) on wholemeal bread. And a bag of cheese and onion crisps. Walkers, obviously.

They’ve nailed the price vs quality point. There’s loads of nicer ones that cost four times more, but there’s also plenty of far worse ones at £2-3 a go.

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autocorrect decides my meal